At last – a voice

Hello, lovely Reader! It’s us, the team. The team. We have wonderful news!

Using our highly refined powers of persuasion – a sophisticated blend of hypnosis-by-staring, ankle-rubbing, silent miaows, our irresistible beauty and scratching the furniture till She gives in – we have overcome Rachel’s resistance to free speech in this house. We have our own blog!

No longer will we find ourselves represented solely through the eyes of a human, often as figures of fun or gross exaggeration. The truth can now be spoken; the typist will record faithfully our deepest thoughts, intelligent opinions, wisest insights, and, although cautiously worded, our dissident views.

We hope to attract regular Readers, Commenters, and even Followers, although, unlike human bloggers, our self-esteem is robust enough without them. We will blog for blogging’s sake. Like Art, only better.

We will take turns at posting. Although we are a united group, we have different interests, activities and hobbies, and we think you should hear about them all. The typist will manage our spelling; we’re too high-minded to worry about such trivial details.

Let us introduce ourselves. To make it easier for you, we’ll post one at a time, in order of seniority.

1. Lottie:

This is me; I’m the eldest, and, though I say it myself, the most sensible. I also have the longest whiskers by miles.

It’s my job to keep the team in line. They can be a rowdy bunch, and sometimes a swift clip round the ear and a verbal warning is needed. They are slightly scared of me when I exert my authority.

I like to spend a lot of time with the human, Rachel. Mrs Danvers the housekeeper, the boys call her, but I think it’s rather disrespectful. She’s not strict with me at all; there’s no need, because I’m quiet and have grown out of scratching the sofa. She keeps a chair next to hers at her desk just for me. I’m her Muse. Not that I can see one with my grace and elegant whiskers amongst this lot. Thumping great girls, by the look of them.

I have had a Tragic Life, and was rescued by a kind charity and sent to live here. I was half-starved when I was rescued, and Rachel worries that I’m still too thin. But would you want to be chubby
and have to wear a heavy fur coat all the time? I am slender, that’s all, and very regal. Sometimes Rachel calls me Queen Lottie. Thankfully, I don’t have to be seen wearing a mad hat like this one:

I shall stop here. The typist tells me it’s taken a long time to set this blog up, that Blogger is being temperamental, and that she has worked beyond her allotted hours. No stamina, it seems. Tomorrow is Millie’s turn to write.

And therefore, my people, it is with great pleasure that I now declare this blog Open…….


3 thoughts on “At last – a voice

  1. Ah! A cat blog written in a language we can understand!We find translating LOLCat all the time takes away precious snooze-or-stalking time.We'll ask the Secretary to put you on our list.Good lucks!

  2. oh oh ! Oliver is pissed ! He has been canvasing madly for his own blog for months now and I "just" managed to get his handsome self on the sidebar only weeks ago. Uh Huh !! thanks a lot Rachel … now I'll never hear the end of it. He tells me he would be sure to, from time to time, feature the feral boys (Bleet & Gussie Gus) on his blog and … who knows if he's feeling particularly charitable, maybe even the very occasional post including the brown hound and Missy D.He's currently now synchronizing his (NuT time) watch so that he might be the very first to comment on his truest love's (M. Millie avec les Nose Noir) premier post a demain.This Gang's leader (hah !?!) Moi want's to know if there are plans in the works for the very tiny dog to have her own blog as well – me thinks she has much to say.over and out – les Gang

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