Cheers, chin-chin, and tails up!

Yoo hoo! Over here! Hey, Readers, it’s me, Millie!

I’m the Wild Child round here, unlike some Goody Two-Shoes types I could name, and I say let’s drink to our new blog, where you can learn how to have fun, acquire new skills, and eat more adventurously!

Drop in for a glass or two and a crunchy snack, a furry morsel or a tasty foraged treat.

Estorbo, that was yours; I know it could take you a while to get here.

Geiger and Sporran, I’ll drink to you later; I’m counting my units today.

The others complain about all the rules here, but I treat the place like a party house, where you can walk where you like, climb, explore, and hide. A totalitarian regime is meant to be subverted, right? And shy bairns get nowt, right? And Rachel doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head like the two Scaredy-cats think, right?

Sometimes I help Rachel with her cooking. She knows I have a refined palate.

Sometimes I have a li’l  drinkie too many and it’s hard to walk……

And that’s when it’s good to have a big sister to sort me out. Even if she is Head Girl and rather preachy. I love her, really.

I like it here; I came as a kitten, and Rachel says I have ADHD from being reared in a noisy overcrowded house where I didn’t get enough attention. I don’t know what ADHD means…. Adventurous, Daring, Happy, Delightful, maybe? So so true. See?

So that’s me. I know how to enjoy myself, but I’m not a good-time girl. Oh no. I can be serious. I think deep thoughts. I’ll share them with you as we go along.

And I have a Betrothed. By proxy. It’s sort of like in ‘The Piano’ but not so weird. Cheers, Oliver!

And toodle-pip to all of you too. Scooter or Hamish are writing next. Poor you; they’re total dimwits.

PS Hope you’re going to be our Followers!


5 thoughts on “Cheers, chin-chin, and tails up!

  1. Love this! I'd get my three to blog, but seeing as they spend 23 1/2 hours sleeping and the other 1/2 hour eating, etc., I think it is a lost cause.Glad to see Estorbo and Geiger and Sporran successfully persuaded you all to so this.

  2. Go! Millie! Yes, we'll follow, but Dinah says we can use her account. She's just too lazy to sign out of that to use ours. Bi-peds -pah!Geiger & Sporran

  3. ahhh … the words and images of my truest love, my kindred spirit, my betrothed, my one and only. M. Millie avec les Nose Noir. Be still my mouse (and spider and tiny moth) killing heart. xoxoxoxoxOliver[surely the most handsome – and athletic "and" sought after – cat in North America] ps I deleted earlier comment spelling errors tsk !

  4. Being an OAP at 17.5yrs, I am not sure that I want to become computer literate, or even literate. In the way that my person prefers charcoal to computer grahpics, I prefer basic things, like tins, food bowls and sunny windowsills. However, I do understand the importance of keeping up with my fellow cats and their habits; it will keep me young and I'm not averse to learning a few naughty tricks. It will be particularly interesting to see whether Cats In The North have more freedom than cats in West Wales, and learn about living in a multi-cat environment, as I have been an 'only' since I was four weeks old, and do not have many cat friends.Blog comments from overseas cats will be particularly interesting. Nova Scotia does sound very cold, but then, so does Newcastle.Rupert

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