One small leap for Cat

I got up onto the yard wall today. Me, Scooter the Fearless! Rachel saw me jump back down, so she knows I did it, but she doesn’t know how. She missed that bit, but I can tell you it was spectacular.

She’s so nosy though, that she got her camera and waited for me to do it again. She thought I couldn’t see her, standing at the sink, but I could. Humans are always watching; they need to know everything. It’s a wonder we don’t have CCTV in this house. A cat has very little privacy – that’s why we prefer to go out at night when they are asleep.

It put me off, having her watching like that.

Somehow I just couldn’t jump when I knew she was peeking.

I hopped up and down; I couldn’t get it right.

Hamish said he was worried about getting squashed if I fell on him.

I waited a while and thought about my strategy.

This is me thinking. I have an intelligent look when I think but Rachel laughs at me.

Hamish said he was tired of waiting. Did I want him to nip my fat bottom and help me jump?

Fat bottom? What a nerve!

And then we gave up. I’ll do it again sometime when human spies aren’t around.

Rachel says she’s going to get me a collar-cam if I continue to develop courage and initiative like this, and I can have my own YouTube account. So there, Hamish. Let’s see you jump that high!


3 thoughts on “One small leap for Cat

  1. Rupert says – "Wait until you have trees of your own to climb – that really gets Him in a panic, although She just walks away and says 'He'll come down when he's ready', which of course, I always do."Linda says – He's grown a bit since his blog photo???

  2. what a beautiful private garden and such a perfect spot for brave, curious and very smart cats to hang out in. xo S. (great photos !)

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