House survey

This house is a disgrace.

Mrs Danvers is supposed to be a housekeeper. More a housewrecker, we say.

Look where our beds are!

She says she’s ‘sorting’ the small attic. Some kind of sorting;  moving it all into her own bedroom, higgledy-piggledy.

We have mounted a protest at all the disruption. None of us would sleep in Mrs Danvers’ room last night. She tossed and turned, and worried about where we were but we didn’t weaken. Housewreckers don’t deserve the delicious comfort of a sleeping cat beside them.

She says it was only for one night, because she was too tired to fit the carpet all in one day.

We won’t be allowed anywhere near the new carpet either. “Especially not you, Scooter, with your wicked claws!” How can claws be wicked? They are things of beauty, to be kept clean and sharp by scratching and pulling, first on the scratching posts, then – to buff them up – on carpet.

Remember my claws when I first arrived? Dreadful. No carpets in the woods where I had been living.

But after a while, with nice claw-conditioning carpets everywhere, I had lovely snowy paws.

Aren’t they just beautiful?

You don’t get quality like this without effort, you know. I have to work at it.

That new carpet would be an excellent grooming aid.

Mrs Danvers just doesn’t understand….


7 thoughts on “House survey

  1. Scooter, what lovely paws! Montague Streeb-Greebling, rescue cat and bon viveur, will be jealous when he sees the photos.Jan xPS Your house is FAR tidier than ours, promise!

  2. Scooter, you guys need to ease up on Mrs Danvers for a while. She's going through a stressful time, so a little love and affection is far more likely to get you a couple of luxuriant stretches on the new carpet. Better keep those claws sheathed though!

  3. Come on you lot, this upheaval is a means to an end. Don't you want your own garden with mice and other beasties on tap? Keep those claws under control for a bit longer – it will be worth it! Meanwhile …. cuddle up with the Housekeeper (Mousekeeper?). Everyone needs a little love.

  4. What pretty feet! Perhaps you'll be allowed your own offcut to scratch on – it'll save getting shouted at!(actually not a bad idea, Rachel – if you have a few sacrificial offcut pieces that you can chuck over the scratching 'hotspots' it'll protect the new carpet. Rub the offcuts with catmint to make them more attractive to scratch than the new carpet).

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