Battle has commenced

This is Millie’s third mouse of yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s dead, but that doesn’t stop it being a toy.

Millie had to leave it in the yard last night where Mrs Danvers couldn’t see it. Then she had to bang on the window to get back indoors, as Mrs D had locked the cat flap. There will be guards on that cat flap next; I can hear them now: “Halt! Who goes there? Friend or mousehunter?” And maybe even strip searches. Nothing is beyond that woman.

But I was the first one to find it this morning when we were allowed out, and I rushed inside with it. Mrs Danvers heard me – “galloping hooves”, she remarked, and followed me to see why I looked so excited.

But I wasn’t excited for long. Was Mrs Danvers any kinder to me than to Millie? Not at all.

Another lovely treat confiscated.

Millie has gone out to find a replacement.


2 thoughts on “Battle has commenced

  1. I think this the time for seeing the other point of view, chaps. My carer-in–chief and I are both Librans – sitters on the fence, if you like, but we prefer to think of it as having a balanced approach.Mrs D has particular reasons at the moment (which will become clear to you before long) for keeping her house (Yes, we know it's your home too!) mouse free. It's not just her reaction you have to think about here. Imagine she was showing potential buyers around and a mouse dashed out from somewhere, and you all went after it. The buyers may not like mice. Possibly, but unlikely, they may not even like cats, let along four of you dashing about all over the place. Now this would be great fun for you at the time, but the result could be a long delay in getting a GARDEN OF YOUR OWN where you could play with/torment the locals, and you boys could bask in the sun and hide in the flower beds, causing much grief to Mrs D who will think she has lost you.Mrs D, of course, needs further training. I have spent the last seventeen and half years training my people, and, I have to say, they still do not fully understand me. There are even times when I admit that life would be much easier if we cats could talk. She often says this to me. But, still, we have to soldier on. Each new generation of cats has a vital role to play, in ensuring that we are at the centre of the home. You are all young yet, and have many years of happy mouse-hunting ahead of you.Spring comes much earlier in the south, and winters are shorter. You all have to pull together here, so that your move to the sunny south comes quickly. IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

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