Victimisation, we call it.

A neighbour came round and complained about me today. Said she caught me twice climbing her clematis to peek at the blackbirds’ nest and admire their babies.

Rachel wasn’t very happy with me, and said “That’s it! You’re grounded!” and locked the cat flap.

“So?” I said. “Look at that rain and wind! Think I care about having to stay indoors?”

Then she said ” No, you’re grounded. For Ever.”

She can’t do that, can she? What about my rights? What about my freedom? What about my wildlife studies?

If the babies grow big and fly away (if the magpies don’t get them first), I’m hoping I’ll be allowed out again before For Ever.

But I’m not the only one in trouble.

Lottie has been caught red-pawed, burgling Auntie Lesley’s house. She’s been caught on CCTV.  Auntie Lesley has a nice new gentleman friend, who has a dog called George. He’s a a black labrador, apparently. Rachel says she likes labradors best of all dogs. Weird.

George is such a sissy – he came to visit us once and we terrorised him just by looking at him and creeping slowly and silently towards him. Such a laugh that was!  Auntie Lesley keeps treats for him in her cupboard, and Lottie found them. And now she’s in trouble too.

It’s so unfair – the girls get told off and the boys get spoiled – and Scooter even gets all the treats. Just because he ran away from home and got into a scrape. Did he get told off for breaking that plant pot? No. He got cuddled and cried over and given corned beef.

But we’re grounded, just for nothing!


7 thoughts on “Victimisation, we call it.

  1. Love the video.You got the neighbours photographing your cats too? I very nearly cried over the story of Scooter's finding. Great the way you told it. You should write a book about cats! Hope they appreciate all you are going through to get them a garden…I'm sure it's all for them?

  2. We're with you, Sister! Our bi-ped read in the local paper that some man around the corner found a REALLY BIG spider and told some Professor about it and the Professor said it could kill a cat or dog.So now spiders are on our list of " don'ts." We couldn't get the picture-box to make a picture of it, but the newspaper man did and gave us a link.Mrs Danvers will probably relent, Millie, if you give her lots of purrs.

  3. Perhaps you may be able to enlist the services of Don Estorbo's CATtorneys to take on your case, Millie? There are some Cat Rights being violated, for sure!

  4. Millie says: Rachel was right there, with her camera, when Lottie was doing her burgling. I tell you, either we get watched and followed wherever we go, or her spies and informants report us…..

  5. Rupert is feeling quite guilty over recent comments he has made here, encouraging adventures and hunting, making out that these would be essential skills in the country. He did not mean for Scooter to go missing, or food to be stolen. Above all, he did not mean for anyone to be CAUGHT doing these things.Some greater finesse required here, chaps.

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