Parole not granted

The baby blackbirds have left home. I heard Rachel tell someone.

So am I allowed out again?

No. And why not, I hear you ask?

Because of these: baby thrushes.

Those idiotic birds are still in the nest, being fed by their idiotic parents till they get to be so big that a self-respecting cat might think twice about socialising with them. I am not allowed out until they have left home.

And when I do get out, I might leave home too. I might go and live amongst the trees and the wilderness, with free-range food little birds and mice for friends. Then Rachel will be sorry.


2 thoughts on “Parole not granted

  1. Oh, wont she just. She'll be out trawling the lanes, just like when Scooter went AWOL.We support your demands.(Probably doesn't carry much weight as our Secretary has power of veto and could delete this…)Could we send food parcels, perhaps?

  2. poor Millie … Oliver would like her to know (or be reminded) that he never, ever gets to go outside – that's how evil his Mrs. Danvers is. Evil and tres over protective. from the inside only, but very handsome, catOliver

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