We were on a stake-out. Millie had brought us a mouse.
“What are you two up to?” Rachel asked.
At first she could only see me, and then she spotted Scooter hiding behind the bench.
“Sshh!” said Scooter. “We’re mousing. Go away!” 
 Scooter couldn’t find the mouse, so I had a look. 
After a while, Millie came round to see how we were getting on.
She went in behind the bench too. That’s where we thought the mouse was hidden. 
“No, you sillies!” she said. “It’s over here!” 
It had crept away. Mice are sneaky like that. 
We waited for a long time. 
“This is stupid.” said Scooter. “I’m going in for my dinner.”
But he couldn’t tear himself away.
This could take some time.

PS Two and a half hours later, Rachel writes:

Never was truer word spoken….. They’ll be out there all night if I don’t go and fetch them indoors. See:

Sigh. Nice, but dim……


5 thoughts on “Mousing

  1. eh hem … I think the words that evade you are incredibly alert & patient – ne pas "dim", please.sincerely,OliverThe two fierce, dreaded, hunting tag team of Oliver & (recently renamed) Virgil found a tiny mouse in our house (in our bedroom) two days ago. Oliver promptly rushed the poor shrieking mouse, held firmly in his mouth, Yikes ! down into their newly renovated lair of the indoor cat – the beautiful basement. I tried unsuccessfully twice to rescue the poor thing, finally and thankfully was successful the third time when I was sure that the tiny mouse was near death. I took him/her outside to a shady spot underneath a large tree and am happy to report when I went back to check he/she was gone.Hopefully off on happier & less traumatizing trails.

  2. My cat sat in one place for nearly three weeks during the daytime staring at one spot in the border…then a field mouse was deliverd to the door step and strangely she's never sat staring there again!

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