Unwanted guest

What a dreadful day.

Rachel had made special biscuits. “We are having visitors” she said. “You won’t like them.”

How right she was. A lady with a dog.

Not just any dog – a HUGE one, with a tongue a  mile long, just hanging out of its mouth like a wet baby blanket. So unnecessary; so vulgar, we thought.

We came down to look at it. Scooter came first, and after staring for a while (he said he couldn’t help himself – he’d never seen a tongue like it!) he came upstairs and told us to come and see for ourselves.

So we did. Cautiously.

Anything with a tongue that size could have teeth to match, we thought, and we were right.

So uncouth, those big gnashers!

That dog had no manners. It rolled on the carpet without a shred of dignity.

It took one of our toys without asking.

It chewed it! We can never play with it again – it has dog-drool on it!

We were glad to see the back of those visitors, we can tell you.

Afterwards, Rachel said we had behaved very well; no one swore, or scratched anyone else; no one threw up on the stairs. We set a good example.

We bet that dog didn’t notice.


6 thoughts on “Unwanted guest

  1. We notice Hamish was "conspicuous by his absence."Now, we regret to tell you that The Secretary has just read Rachel's post. Oh dear! She really *is* Mrs Danvers, isn't she?If/when that dog comes back (yes, we're afraid it will!)we suggest you show a united front. Be intimidating,stare, hiss, show spikes if you must, but DO NOT BACK DOWN.And insist that Mrs D. gives you your treats first.

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