Scooter here, your undercover reporter.

I am hiding. Mostly I hide in the attic, but sometimes I escape from the house and hide in next-door’s yard, on top of the shed.

I am Making A Point.

A wolf has been brought into our house, and it seems to be making itself at home. I am not pleased, not at all.

Hamish isn’t pleased either; he hides in the attic too, but sometimes he walks past the wolf, so long as it is in its crate, asleep. He doesn’t run, like I do, but strolls, calmly, but I think he’s only pretending to be brave.

Lottie quite likes the wolf, she says.

Millie sniffs its feet if the wolf is lying down asleep, but she’s pleased to note that it’s a bit scared of her. She sits beside its toys sometimes, just to tease it, and it isn’t brave enough to go near her.

Our dog Tosca thinks the wolf is sort-of ok, as it seems to mean that treats appear quite a lot these days, but she would prefer to be the Only dog.

I’m not just hiding, you know, or boycotting the sitting room. Oh no, I’m doing some research into wolves, and how to deal with them. I have some specialist reference books: Little Red Riding Hood; The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids. They have great endings!

I’m hoping that Rachel will make me a little red hood of my own. She knows that I look good in red.


8 thoughts on “Wolf!

  1. Hmm…your wolf seems to be about the size of the "puppy" we have next door. We think you should keep the telephone number of the Fran Person handy. Just in case.

  2. I can't, in fact I won't believe that dear sweet tiny Tosca wishes to be the only dog in a home overrun with felines. I expect to see photos very soon of her very tiny self curled up, sleeping in the belly space between the giant black wolf's front and back legs. Sigh … a "very" big sister at last. I'm just sayin'

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