Luring the wolf

I’m training that wolf. I want it to trust me. When it’s tame, I shall strike!

I asked Rachel to take photos of my technique. Pity she managed to make such a mess of them. Still, you should be able to follow what I’m doing.

1. Call the wolf. You have to do this loudly: “Yeeeeeowwwwwwww-owwwwww-owwwww!” I can do this and scratch my ear at the same time; makes me look casual and unafraid.

The wolf will listen, fascinated; it hasn’t heard such a beautiful voice before. You now have its full attention.

2.Guide the wolf carefully into the front room. Good; it’s learned to follow you.

3. Take up your position. Continue to call: “Yeeeeooooowwww!” By now, the wolf is mesmerised. Walk away, confident that you now have a follower, and can call it at any time. Rachel has to bribe the wolf with treats to achieve such obedience, but not me; I have The Voice!

Thinking you have abandoned it, the wolf will lie down and gnaw miserably at one of its ridiculous fake bones. This gives you time to inspect its bed, and pop up somewhere else as a surprise.

4. Roll over, as though you want the wolf to come and play with you. It will be nervous, as is only right and proper. Playing with cats is dangerous to wolves.

5. Make the Play With Me sound: “Chirrr! Whrrrr!”

The wolf is in a dilemma – does it try to play, or does it run away?

The wolf doesn’t run away, but it is too scared to play. Instead, it hides its face on the sofa and trembles. It knows who is boss.

Excellent result for a first training session!

Next time: Physical Contact With The Enemy. Meantime, your homework is to practise your call: “Yeeeeowwwww!” Wolf training demands effort.


7 thoughts on “Luring the wolf

  1. Scooter, most excellent Wolf Whisper, you have our rapt attention and we are furiously keeping notes .There has been wolf talk around these parts lately. We must be prepared. Merci Over and out,Les Cats of Black Street, Oliver, Virg & BleetNess

  2. Scooter, we have taken especial note of this technique.(We had been using The Stare, but perhaps The Voice is the way to go…)By the way, do you have a publisher yet? You should consider it. (If nothing else, it will keep Mrs. Danvers busy, typing the manuscript for submission!)

  3. hhhhemmm —hhheemmm — (cat clearing throat)wolf, schmolf … enough about the wolf alreadymore Millie please, MORE MILLIE s'il vous plaitbest regards,Oliver

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