Letter to a Nova Scotian beau

Dear handsome tabby Oliver,

You wanted to hear from me, with photos, so Rachel and I planned this letter to you, to thank you for being such a caring friend. I have been feeling a bit left out lately, and you were the only one who noticed.

You are a sensitive and thoughtful cat – much like me – and understand that my life isn’t easy just now because of this:

The usurper! A dog. Or as Estorbo calls it, a d.a.w.g. Either way, quite monstrous.

We knew from the start that things weren’t going to be easy.

The smell, for one thing….. And the beds, the toys, the hair, the drool, all over the place! We don’t understand why Rachel is so delighted with this dog; she refuses to get rid of it.

Hamish is still boycotting it, but he does creep into its night-crate sometimes, and drinks its water. When it isn’t there, of course. Hamish has to be careful. He trusts no one.

Lottie and Scooter have formed a team. They are planning something, but I’m not allowed to know what. Like I say, I’ve been left out. No wonder I’m starting to speak to that dog now, out of desperation.

But you have been so kind. The parcel you sent was a lovely thought.

Temptations and a card for us, and some things for Rachel. She doesn’t need presents, but it was kind of you anyway.

I smelled the package carefully. “Eau d’Oliver le Beau” I thought. And I was right!

Rachel said it had flown across the sky to get to us. Hard to imagine.

Scooter liked the Temptations. He loves food and treats. Especially treats. That’s why he is known as Billy Bunter in our house.

He can’t read, and only thinks about food, so the card was wasted on him. I, on the other paw, am a more cultured creature, and greatly appreciated both the message and the Hiroshige drawings.

On behalf of us all, here in this doggy hell, thank you very much.

Your loving tabby friend,


PS Next time, please could you enclose a ticket to Nova Scotia? Rachel tells me I could fly. I would like to try that!


5 thoughts on “Letter to a Nova Scotian beau

  1. Oh Millie! You poor things. I have to admit, Rachel's postings of drool and large-scale bodily functions have quite put me off the thought of having a dog. Cats are so much more, well, civilised!I have noticed, though, that Tosca does not seem to get much of a mention these days either. Left at home with you when Rachel and Flossie went to the woods, was she? She can't help being travel sick! Perhaps it's time she had her own blog, too. Rachel could help her set it up. In her spare time!

  2. Dear M. Millie,You are beautiful. And a good mouser. I'm handy and tres handsome and I will do circus tricks for Whiskas Temptations – I could be on TV (but I can't spare the time). yours forever,Oliverps. so glad that Mrs Danvers liked the card

  3. Oh dear! Millie, we didn't realise you were feeling so abandoned.We thought Scooter and Hamish were the hardest-hit by the Wolf's incursion.Yes, Mrs Danvers, incursion *is* the word.Perhaps if you brought some more mice in…Anyway, it's jolly kind of your beau to send treats.We hope you're not feeling left-out now.

  4. Millie Mouser Extraordinaire, you are always in our thoughts. So chivalrous of Oliver to send bonbons from a distant land, with a variety of colorful stamps.

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