What do you mean, go out and play?

It snowed in the night. This is what we got up to find, very early this morning.

Cold, wet, unpleasant stuff. We liked it last year, but we’re grown up now, and know better.

All except a certain someone.

She thought the snow was great fun.

She hasn’t a sensible thought in her head, that dog.

We preferred to ignore the snow. We washed, we snoozed, we stayed warm and dry.

Poor Rachel couldn’t stay indoors with us. She had to go out in the snow and throw sticks.

No wonder she coughs.


12 thoughts on “What do you mean, go out and play?

  1. We have heard Dinah and The Man talk about this snow stuff. So…it's wet, like puddles or wet like rain? We think we might like it. A little bit. Just for a few minutes.

  2. shake it !! shake it again !!shake it !! shake it again !!one more timeI see you use the same dog training method as moiSit …well don't then ;-)xo les Gang

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