So what do we do all day, now that we can’t possibly set paw outside the back door?

We keep ourselves amused.

We find sunny spots in which to lie.

We play.

We fight amongst ourselves.

We help with the ironing.

We hang out with the dogs.

Rachel says we eat far too much for such couch potatoes. She says we’re getting tubby.

We wonder if we should diet. 
But then we remember: we need our fat reserves…. 
… we’re in semi-hibernation after all.

6 thoughts on “Snowbound

  1. I think snowy cold days are the perfect days to be a cat. Us humans still have to go out to go to work. Booo!It looks like you all are able to keep yourselves entertained though! :)Keep warm!xo Catherine

  2. This cold weather means you need lots of reserves (spare fat to you and me), so you MUST eat as much as you can. Tell Mrs D that no one should have to begin a diet until 1st January, so you've got weeks yet, and even then, only if the weather warms up.

  3. Our Secretary says that a very famous chef reckons that the ONLY time to fast is February because it's the shortest month.Occasionally bi-peds make sense…

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