They are strange creatures, humans. They like to get wet, for a start, and they even have a special room to get wet in; the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Rachel left this on a little dish beside the bath. She keeps saying it’s nearly finished, and that she must buy a new one. We looked at that little dish with interest.

Sometimes Rachel leaves tasty morsels lying around on little dishes. This one looked a bit like cheese.

We decided to conduct a scientific experiment, and taste it.

Big mistake this time. Nasty! And definitely not cheese!

Rachel found a little bit that we spat out, lying on the floor. She laughed a lot, and thought of this:

We decided not to say which of us conducted the experiment; cats don’t like to be laughed at.

And anyway, it might have been cheese; we have to take risks in the name of Science, you know.


5 thoughts on “Hypothesis

  1. Purrfect example of the scientific method. (Sorry.) 1. Form an hypothesis: Rachel eats cheese while bathing.2. Design a test of hypothesis: If that is left-behind cheese, I will be able to tell by tasting it.3. Execute test without bias: Cheddar, edam, gouda, stilton, other?4. Draw conclusion from results: That was an unfortunate hypothesis. I suspect your little scientist is the confetti-maker.

  2. I suspect it's Millie; she is a famous thief, and Scooter might find getting up into the bath a) too scary, and b) too difficult for a Billy Bunter frame…..But we will never know; I doubt if the experiment will be repeated!

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