What d’you want, car chases?

Fading stars of the silver Mac screen, that’s us.

Where has our public gone?

Have we become boring?


We* may consider early retirement.

*Except for Millie. With her Parkour skills, she could never be boring. Maybe we’ll give her our shares in the blog….


So kind

Rachel remembered how much I love tulips.

Tulips and milk. Delicious.

Dog and cat love

I love Florence.
We like to say hello to each other. I’m trying to teach her to purr.

She’s a slow learner.

I check on her sore toe. Looks like it’s getting better.

I give her little licks, to encourage her to wash more often. Dogs aren’t as keen on personal hygiene as we cats are.

That’s why they smell.

And then I wash myself.

I’m a good role model.

And I don’t want to smell of dog either.