What d’you want, car chases?

Fading stars of the silver Mac screen, that’s us.

Where has our public gone?

Have we become boring?


We* may consider early retirement.

*Except for Millie. With her Parkour skills, she could never be boring. Maybe we’ll give her our shares in the blog….


15 thoughts on “What d’you want, car chases?

  1. Oh, please don't retire! Things are so slack over here yours is about the only relief we get.Even Estorbo rarely pops up. And as for Dinah-!If you know of a good(by that, we mean regular) secretary, keen to work for a share in our crunchies…)

  2. I, for one, have been wondering about how you have been spending your spring days. The sun has been shining, even up North.I think you have to blame Rachel for slacking on the home-reporting front. After all, there are seven of you living in that house, so she could surely have found something to report on!

  3. You already don't post often enough!!! Please don't make it lesss, or worse none at all! I greatly enjoy both your blogs, they are right up at the top of the daily must-visit-first-thing list.

  4. Oh no, not boring in the least… we love you! We've been checking back for your posts often. We look forward to hearing from you every day. Please stay.

  5. Please, please do continue… it is one of my regular stops every day, right after Slow Lane Life – its bookmarked for me. Love reading the adventures, love the pictures, love the wit.Kitty

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