Twenty One!

I held out for 21 hours!

I could have gone for longer, but she picked me up and carried me upstairs to the shower room, where she said her visitors this evening wouldn’t be able to view my cruel confinement.

She shut me in, and went downstairs to get the litter tray and the dinner that I had no intention of eating.

And before she had time to come back, I had a Little Accident on the floor. How embarrassing.

But for some reason, she seemed pleased, and syringed some of it up.

As I said, humans are very, very strange.

Now I have my wall-sitting duties to carry out. In freedom. Millie is already there, waiting for me.

I may be some time…..


8 thoughts on “Twenty One!

  1. goodness Scooter … hmmm, I guess we mean badness.You have such a good mother and we don't think you appreciate her nearly as much as you should. Please get well very soon !! & keep us posted, we are very worried about from us all,les Chats de Rue LeNoireBleetNess, Oliver & Virgil

  2. We try so hard … then turn your back for one moment, and everything falls into place, without the least bit of input from ourselves!Maybe now that The Prisoner knows the price of freedom….oh dear, let's not even go there…

  3. I said the shower! I said the shower! And John's made me laugh with the 'overripe grape' comment!Hope the sample is all clear, little Scooter – do try not to be such a worry to Rachel (and us all), there's a good chap.

  4. Scooter you were one very determined cat! How dare we humans change your litter. Sometimes I wish I could merge minds to see what cats really think about.Amy

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