A wee drama every day

When will my suffering end? Today I was hauled out from under the cupboard, where I was trying to remain unnoticed by the wee-obsessed human, dragged into the bathroom, and stuffed into the carrying-box to be taken to the evil vet yet again.

She said a few tiny crystals had been found in yesterday’s sample. I was told to be brave.

It’s hard to be brave all the time, especially with crystals in your waterworks. I couldn’t help myself; I had to Let Go in the box, and once I started to wee, couldn’t stop. She stuffed a towel in alongside me and blotted up a generous sample’s-worth, and put me in the car, remarking rudely on the smell.

The vet was kinder this time – he didn’t tip me out of the box, but just reached in and stabbed me with the antibiotic needle. Then I was carted off home again. I yowled all the way there and back, and once I got home, I shot out of the cat flap to tell Lottie all about my ill-treatment, and didn’t come in again for hours. I think I made my point.

I have to be ‘kept an eye on’, apparently. Spying, I call it. Police surveillance. Another means of oppression and infringement of my feline rights.


12 thoughts on “A wee drama every day

  1. Poor Scooter. Are you drinking enough? My Rupert would only drink full-fat milk or rain water. As an ex-farm cat he had his pride, and would not drink anything with chlorine in it. It was rain water only, from puddles or the old pig trough that we use as a bird bath!

  2. Chlorine, if it is in your tap water, could be a culprit for bladder irritation, as someone has commented. Our human is very sensitive to chlorine, which is one reason she left the city.

  3. Hey !! Whas up with Millie's mouse count ??Is she saving up, waiting for those poor Southern mice ?? inquiring cats wanna know ?? BleetNess, Oliver & Virgilps 😦 get well Scooter … another fuss sent your way from us -les Gang at Black Syreet

  4. oh, this is a furry uncomftrable situation! the auntie's biotiks will put efurrything right soon, although we decry the method of delivery! we hopes efurrything comes out all OK . . . pun intended, of cawse;-)

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