Strange days

Good days. We are happy here.


18 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. That looks like such a wonderful place for cats to live, with useful walls to climb and a very cat friendly little roof. You lucky little things. I told you Mrs Danvers would not let you down.

  2. Well done for surviving your ordeal, pussycats. Now, just don't go too far till you get the lie of the land. And be helpful to Mrs D because it's been hard work for her.

  3. Oh it's wonderful to see them finding their feet and the bed and the table . . .thanks so much for letting us see these photos. What a brave thing to do, to move after so long in the same place. I wish you joy! Love, Arthurxxx

  4. Ah Hamish, I could see the fear in your eyes at first. But then you started exploring and things looked better. All of you are having so much fun exploring your new home… lovely photos!

  5. Love the first photo: Lottie in charge, everyone chill. And also the photos of Hamish's grand entry, with safety crouch. It looks like Hamish didn't have too much trouble adjusting.

  6. We think the new place looks most interesting.And we're glad Mrs. Danvers wasn't too bossy and horrid.

  7. We are so happy to finally see you in your cottage made for cats! (And Mrs. Danvers, of course …)'Kaika, Tanith, Stella, Midnight, Sgian Dhub (aka Blackie) and Miss Kitty

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