Something very interesting is going on here.

Steve and Pete, our builders, arrived this morning. Our feeding room was emptied, and our litter tray was put outside.

Our lookout tower was moved into the hall. Silly place, that, because we can’t see the enemy from the hall.
Lottie sat on it anyway, to watch what was going to happen next.
Then Pete and Steve started to break up the floor. 

They used a very noisy thing to dig into it.

Lottie had to inspect what they were doing, and give her approval. Then they could continue.

I gave the final seal of approval by walking over it. The delicate paw test.

And look what they’ve made for us: a giant litter tray!

Rachel won’t let us in there though. She says “It’s not ready yet. They’ll be back tomorrow.”

Looks ready enough for our purposes…..


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