Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

It’s my birthday today. I am three years old, which is a very important and Grown Up age to be.

I’ve lived with Rachel since I was eight weeks old, and she knows that my birthday must be celebrated.

I have spent the day snoozing on the windowsill.

And I’ve had treats.

Rachel knows what I like, but it wasn’t always so.

In fact, I had a pretty disappointing birthday dinner once, and Rachel promised she would do better in future.

So today I had extra dinner – not the boring dry kibble that we always get, but the nice stuff in a little bag. I only like the meaty gravy ones, and not the jelly kind, or the fish. I had a slice of roast beef too. Very tasty.

I also had those treat sticks – I love those! and can pull them out of the wrapper myself.

Then I had some Philly.

I love Philly very much, but I don’t try to open the packs myself, now that I’m Grown Up.

Now I’m going out for the evening. I might go clubbing. Want to come?


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

  1. Happy Birthday Millie, sorry that I can not go clubbing with you, but I would not be able to get there in time. The flight is 5 hours, plus getting to the airport and all….Go have fun.

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