Decorative objects

Rachel says that she considers Scooter and Hamish as Decorative Objects That Eat. She doesn’t think of them as her Pets at all, although she loves them dearly. She tries very hard not to mind that they run away from her unless she’s offering food, or to worry so much about Hamish.

Lottie and I think the boys are pretty useless compared to us. We are both Pets and Decorative Objects. Yes, we eat, although not as piggily as the boys, but we offer so much more. (In reality we think of Rachel as our Pet, rather than the other way round.) We sleep on her bed and we follow her around, because we like to keep her happy. We strike interesting poses to keep her charmed and amused; we make endearing little cheeping sounds when we see her, and we never run away when she comes into a room. She’s a very responsive Pet.

And we are the best bed warmers ever, Rachel says. She particularly likes the way we walk on her in the middle of the night and purr in her face. At least, we think she likes it, so we do it several times a night. Hamish and Scooter don’t think of little kindnesses like we do.

But we thought we could expand our multiple roles, particularly in the Decorative Object line.

For example:

Lottie is practising her hearth rug presentation. Flokati, she thinks. Reversible too.

Me, I will make a rather elegant lamp base.

Useful and beautiful, we are.


9 thoughts on “Decorative objects

  1. I love this post. I check it and admire it all of the time. Millie and Lottie you are truly lovely. Scooter and Hamish are what my mother used to call "Furry doorstops". But I find them entertaining when they blog as well!

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