New Year’s Eve Party People

Not us. We prefer to sleep.

Or eat.

Note: You will have noticed that we are 2 cats short; Scooter is under the sofa; Hamish is behind the wardrobe; both state that it’s too late in the evening to have their photo taken. 

We let the dogs join us as a special treat.

Happy New Year 

to all our devoted admirers, you people of such good taste and discernment.

We’ll be back next year.



10 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Party People

  1. And a very happy New Year to all cats and dogs (and mice and frogs) at large.PS: Catkin needs to learn that you don't put your big fat feet into your dinner bowl!

  2. It was, we are pleased to report, a fairly quiet night here. There were some cracker bangs down on the beach, but far enough away not to scare us.And all the neighbours must have gone a-partying elsewhere!We hope you have a wonderful year; no nasty needles, yucky pills or prison sentences. Lots of snuggles, walks, treats and friends.

  3. I hope you all agree that Mrs D has done a very fine thing in moving you all somewhere warmer, with a garden, with country walks, with woods and beaches for the barking ones, and old stone walls for the basking-in-the-sun ones. Have a wonderful 2012, all of you.

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