How dare you call me that!

I’m just big-boned.


10 thoughts on “Pudding-Bomb?

  1. 'Big-boned' – it's not bad. Our great, late Dominie was a 'big-boned' Dalmatian bitch but she had the sweetest nature and in her head she was a dainty, delicate little dog. Hang on, Catkin, there are worse things in life.

  2. Absolutely – you are a handsome, erm, curvacious feline with a visage to strike fear in anyone so foolish as to imply that you might be a bit on the, ahem, large side…. I, for one, would not be so rash, or so rude. (Was it that Mrs Danvers who said it?? Sigh….one cannot get the staff these days….)

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