Rachel has a little bottle that she brings out now and then. It has a love potion in it.

She sprays the love potion on our toys.

It makes them love us.


10 thoughts on “Refreshing

  1. Catnip is a funny thing – it makes my cat Henry REALLY hyper for an hour or so while the other one (Hershey) keels over on her side and looks stoned.I found a trick to keep catnip fresh – store the catnip mice in a ziploc bag in the freezer. This keeps the herb fresh for when kitties need to have some 🙂

  2. They love the toys but not always each other or perhaps they weren't sharing nicely.Winston is not particularly interested in catnip. Perhaps the spray is more concentrated and would encourage him.

  3. Dear Team,We had no idea this product existed. Currently Googling with paws on keyboard "cosmic catnip" avec spray. omg !! thrilled xo les chats de Rue LeNoir – Olibear, Virgil & Nessieps. we also are campaigning madly for our own gigantic kitty condo/scratching post/tall climbing & hiding thing of our own – jealous of pics ;-(

  4. They get bored and bad-tempered very quickly with loose catnip, but a little shot of the spray on their toys or scratching post, and they enjoy it more. Still a bit of squabbling, but that's stimulants for you….. Just think what they'd be like if they drank beer.

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