Isn’t that ok?

Rachel thinks I don’t get enough exercise. She says I just sleep, eat, sleep, with naps in between.

Not true! I tell her. I also spend time thinking.

And washing. Then thinking some more.

Sometimes she carries me downstairs and dumps me in the garden.

I might stay there for a few minutes, and then come in through the cat flap.

I always check the dinner dish before I go upstairs to resume my nap.

What? What?

Going upstairs is exercise, isn’t it?


13 thoughts on “Isn’t that ok?

  1. Glad to see you've been included in the header, Catkin, and I must say that seen sideways on in daylight you are one very fine cat, but at the moment we are all being exhorted to watch our Vitamin D levels (presumably this applies to cats and dogs as well?), so staying outside for a little while sounds like a good idea.Presumably you jump up to the counter to check the bowl? Exercise enough, I would say.

  2. Ah, so are you claiming that the fault is really Rachel's because you must check the food dish as you pass? Sneaky, sneaky. Constantino Martinez Archer (the name given to him by his former owner) would agree with you. One must always grab the nosh whenever possible. And if those stupid two legged animals insist on making you walk by the food dish, then they must expect that you would check to see if there was any fresh food. It's a cat's right.

  3. Catkin, I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were. I think you'd like Winston – he doesn't take much exercise either but still looks pretty good. We can't all be lithe and athletic – some have to be philosophers.

  4. What else can you do than eat,sleep and think? Excercise is for the streetcats, not for a sensitive soul like you. You are beautiful as you are now, you don't need more muscle.

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