We all went for a walk today.

They tried to go without me – again. I had to break through the locked cat flap to follow them. I simply hooked the flap towards me, as Rachel had only locked it one way to stop me getting out,  forgetting that I am the cleverest cat in the household.

We had a lovely walk. A little girl on a pony went by. I watched her with interest.

Then we got to the field at the very end of the road, and….

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Enormous creatures with fluffy trousers! Aliens, obviously.

I looked at them.

They looked at me.

I looked at them some more.

Tricia took my photo, because I was mesmerised.

And then we all came home again. Sadly, the aliens didn’t follow us.

I loved those aliens.


11 thoughts on “Aliens!

  1. We've already told her that she can't have one, but now that you know where they are, you can pop along and have a chat. My Rupert used to love talking to the cows when we lived next door to a farm, and they loved him too!

  2. Have you heard about Huw Dennis's childhood cat?? He said they used to take it on holidays to the Yorkshire Dales and it came on walks with them on a 30 foot length of washing line as a lead!! Now THAT is British eccentricity but, having seen Millie's keeness for walking, I can now see how it might have come about!Lesley xx

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