I have a new human. He says we can be friends. 
So I come out from under the sofa and hang out with him. He doesn’t scare me.
We play with cameras. My friend says I pay attention really well, and I am learning lots.

Lottie isn’t interested in photography. It must be a boy thing.


24 thoughts on “Friend

  1. Oh my God! This cannot be the Hamish that had to be trapped in order to be moved from NuT. This orange cat is actually touching a human with both paws. Are you sure he is not an impostor?

  2. Hamish!! It's great to see you and your pal. You are looking so brave (and handsome) out there on the sofa and chatting to your friend. Keep it up mate.

  3. Go Hamish!!! See we really don't bite (or scratch or claw). Maybe if you slowly get to know us you might find it fun to be around us. (Thanks Companion for bringing out the good in Hamish.)

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