Critical mass

Aspersions have been cast. Remarks have been passed. Snide comments about my weight.

IMG_3137Names. “Pudding-bomb”. “Wodger”. “Heffalump”.


IMG_3136 - Version 2What a nerve! The vet says I am not obese, merely overweight. I say I’m comfortably plump.

Anyway, look who Rachel is feeding for a friend this week:

IMG_7403Now that’s a pudding-bomb! In an Afghan coat.

IMG_7414 IMG_7415What’s more, I’ve noticed that Rachel isn’t exactly streamlined either….


Trouble in the house



Whew, the atmosphere the other day! Rachel was on the warpath.

Scooter had caught a little bird, and brought it indoors to show us.

It was dead; Rachel was so cross! She trapped Scooter in the utility room and put an extra bell on his collar, a loud one, like Millie’s.

She hopes that might help the birds. I’d show you, but Scooter is hiding – Rachel had to catch him twice to get his collar off and put on again with the new bell. He won’t forget or forgive in a hurry!

Now the neighbours won’t be able to tell which cat is galloping across their roof in the night, tinkling.

Me, I never catch birds. I’m just too busy.


And I like a peaceful life.