Critical mass

Aspersions have been cast. Remarks have been passed. Snide comments about my weight.

IMG_3137Names. “Pudding-bomb”. “Wodger”. “Heffalump”.


IMG_3136 - Version 2What a nerve! The vet says I am not obese, merely overweight. I say I’m comfortably plump.

Anyway, look who Rachel is feeding for a friend this week:

IMG_7403Now that’s a pudding-bomb! In an Afghan coat.

IMG_7414 IMG_7415What’s more, I’ve noticed that Rachel isn’t exactly streamlined either….


10 thoughts on “Critical mass

  1. What awful names to call a rubenesque creature such as yourself. I do agree however that the neighbor’s cat is a bit on the rotund side.

  2. You’re built for comfort, not speed, Catkin (and at least you have go faster stripes.) As for the guest, the “bed head” look is so last year, as I’m sure you’ve already commented.

  3. You merely have the good manners of a sophisticated cat in that you never leave any of the food so kindly provided by your hostess. Fie, fie, ’tis she who is to blame.

  4. Are you sure that Rachel has only borrowed the fur-ball one? She doesn’t have one like that, and it would be a fine addition to the household!

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