Rain check

I know we don’t post much these days, but please understand that we are busy cats. We have our jungle to patrol (Rachel says to tell you that it only looks like jungle from the back door, and that there are really paths in there somewhere), and the neighbours’ gardens to inspect, and no time to be sitting about in front of a computer.

IMG_3517We like to be outdoors best. But it’s been raining such a lot in the night, and our jungle is uncomfortably wet. We looked outside to see if the weather would improve.

Well, some of us looked. The supervisors didn’t bother; they sent us out to look for them. “Report to us!” they said. “No sloping off over the fence first!”

IMG_3541 IMG_3540The supervisors are fierce, and must be obeyed. So we went out and looked.

Wet, chilly, miserable. This is summer?

IMG_3531 IMG_3533 IMG_3535Quite dismal. We came in again, to report to the supervisors, as instructed.




IMG_3543 IMG_3544 IMG_3542We told them “Not a day for playing outside; we think you would be more comfortable staying indoors.”

The supervisors agreed. “You may go” they said. “We will work on our sleep patterns.”

IMG_3547 IMG_3548

IMG_3546I will remain on watch. The sun must come out some time…..


7 thoughts on “Rain check

  1. Great to hear from you lads. My own lads have a very similar system, as indeed do I, feeling Tom’s wet fur when he leapt up beside me this morning I knew not to expect too much when I dragged myself up to open the blinds . . .

  2. Tino, who in his younger years laughed at the weather, has become an old man, declining to go out anymore. We, here on the east coast of the North American Continent, specifically PA, are also having a cool, wet, rainy spring. Several times a day he comes to me demanding that I do something about the weather. If only.

  3. Nice to have a progress report, although that does imply activity of some sort!!!
    What a beautiful garden Mrs D. has made for you – even if you are just looking out at it most of the time!

  4. So nice to see you all, thank you for the update, what busy boys you are!! Scooter you look very well, your twin lives in my back garden Socks or Mr Cool depends if its the boys are calling him or me,
    Guys you all look great!!!!

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