For Nora

who was kind enough to ask about us.IMG_3216 IMG_7010

Don’t worry; we are comfortable. Me in the dining room in Tosca’s old bed, where I can keep an eye on everything that goes on, Hamish at the back door where he can escape pronto through the cat flap when Rachel comes into the kitchen. Or under the sofa. Because that’s what Hamish is like……


All happy now

IMG_7835They had their new cushion days ago.IMG_7834

Mine was delayed in the post.

I tried it out.IMG_7831

I liked it.IMG_7836

Lottie – keep off!

Sleep hygiene


Rachel said that our window cushions were looking shabby. She commented on how much hair and debris such clean animals manage to deposit on their sleeping places.

Rachel always manages to insult us….

But she bought us new cushions. ‘Coral’ they were supposed to be; she thinks ‘soft red’ is more accurate. Big, bouncy cushions; she worried in case we wouldn’t like them.

I was invited to try the first one to arrive: the double one that I’m expected to share with Millie.¬†IMG_4061

Catkin’s is still in the post.IMG_4066


It’s ok, I suppose. Feels comfy enough….¬†Probably only big enough for me. I’ll move over a bit.

That’s better.IMG_4065