Lap cat





DSCF2475 - Version 2I could get used to this.

DSCF2473 - Version 2Hamish won’t agree, of course. IMG_4715Running away is still his preferred option.


As we were – ages ago

Don’t ask us the date – we are scornful of such matters. But Jane has a new game, posting a photo of ourselves a while ago, with a story. Snow NY Day_2Here we are – well, some of us. Catkin wasn’t here at the time. The story is that we were super-gorgeous then as well as now, and, as we remember, were given more dinners every day because we were “still growing”. What an idiotic idea! We need more dinners every day, so that we can continue to grow, getting bigger and lovelier each day. Except for Catkin, who is big enough already…..

Rachel: taken about 4 years ago, in our old house, where there were lots of stairs, perfect for youngsters to rampage freely.

Turf war

This is not a scene of peace, love and sisterly sharing. It positively vibrates with tension and strife, in that curious gaze-avoiding way that cats have when disagreeing with one another.IMG_4655Millie is in the centre of the double cushion. Queen Lottie’s place, in fact. IMG_4655IMG_4653Millie refuses to move, despite menacing glares from Lottie. IMG_4656Eventually – possibly because I am watching, and Lottie knows I dislike fighting – Lottie yields, and gives Millie a bit of a seemingly-friendly wash. IMG_4657She settles down. IMG_4659But she isn’t happy. And neither is Millie. IMG_4660IMG_4661This small but intensely-felt conflict will resume in due course. And will be repeated on a daily basis. The hierarchy is never static.



IMG_4604I hate anything being left on my cushion. I know Millie gets up there when I’m not around. It’s MY cushion, I tell her, so get off, and please don’t leave your horrible toys on it either! I hate that squirrel. IMG_4606Sometimes Millie listens to me.IMG_4607IMG_4608IMG_4609


That’s better. MY cushion, just for ME.

(Rachel: I’m coming for that dreadful hairy cushion in a moment, with a sticky roller, Catkin. Be warned.)