As we were – ages ago

Don’t ask us the date – we are scornful of such matters. But Jane has a new game, posting a photo of ourselves a while ago, with a story. Snow NY Day_2Here we are – well, some of us. Catkin wasn’t here at the time. The story is that we were super-gorgeous then as well as now, and, as we remember, were given more dinners every day because we were “still growing”. What an idiotic idea! We need more dinners every day, so that we can continue to grow, getting bigger and lovelier each day. Except for Catkin, who is big enough already…..

Rachel: taken about 4 years ago, in our old house, where there were lots of stairs, perfect for youngsters to rampage freely.


6 thoughts on “As we were – ages ago

  1. Delightful! Kittens and cats are endlessly entertaining, even when they’re wrecking the spaghetti junction of intricate hi-fi wiring . . . (yesterday’s accomplishment!)

  2. Here, here chorus Gus and Lucy,having successfully woken me up far too early on my day off because they were HUNGRY!

    Thank God Lottie and Gus can’t mate, the world would be covered with hair.

    xo J

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