Don’t like it.

DSCF4307I know it’s only “a little bit to try”. I still hate it.

DSCF4309Not tasting. Not going to eat it. DSCF4308Try and make me.


6 thoughts on “Dis-gusting

  1. So funny I laughed out loud. Such a face. I would have thought a cat would have eaten it up no matter what it was. Thanks.

  2. So funny to see. My Labrador was just the same. He would not touch any food in his dish that was different in looks or smell. And the expression (sometimes) on his face made you think he was being tortured. So can someone explain to me why he would scavenge anything outside yet would refuse to eat any food that was not to his liking at home. 🙂

    He was so resolute about it just like your lovely cat.

  3. So enjoy reading a blog authored by felines. I promise to read it to Tommy and Bittie, as soon as they are awake from their afternoon snooze. They will appreciate your messages, but I don’t anticipate they will have the energy to follow in your paw prints.

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