Not well


I am miserable today. I got into a fight in the middle of the night, and Rachel saw that I wasn’t happy this morning. She smoothed my fur, which was sticking up where I had been scratched, she felt my head and my chin, and heard a nasty crackly squelchy sound. Just there, on top of my head.


So I had to go to the vet. The bite on my head had let some air in, under my skin. I was poked and prodded; I had an injection, my teeth were examined, and I was weighed. I weigh 3.2 kilograms because I don’t eat very much. Rachel told the vet I had been starved when I was young, and was difficult to feed, but I think Rachel’s judgement is skewed because of Catkin the Huge….

Rachel says I will feel better soon. But I’m still miserable now.


10 thoughts on “Not well

  1. Poor you, Lottie. You must be all fur and not much else. Some of my lads have had the nasty bite on the head and proved the power of homeopathy by responding to it as treatment. We all send our love and hope you are better very soon.

  2. Oh, you poor baby. I’m certain the medicine you got from the vet will have you feeling right as rain again soon. Now, please, eat a little so you can keep your strength up.

  3. First, Estorbo gets sick, then I had to have a sharp pokey thing stuck in my derriere, now you come home with battle wounds.It’s a tough life!But I hope you’re soon back to normal.

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