Heated pad. Lottie’s heated pad. Scooter likes it too. He looks as though he is asleep, but she knows he is fully aware of her menacing presence.


If she stares at him hard enough, he will get off it and she will reclaim it as her own.

It may take minutes, half an hour, even.


But it never fails.


7 thoughts on “Possession

    • A third…. Catkin already has one too. And yes, another is being planned, although as it’s supposedly summer, perhaps that should wait until later in the year!

  1. O.M.G! The expression on her face…I am assuming she is glaring at Scooter, right? Nice to hear from them again…thank you?

  2. Ha! How something as small as a cat can be so controlling is a mystery, but it happens every day in our house as well. Over us!

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