This blog is all about Truth as seen by the cats with whom Rachel lives. How our lives really are, what we think and feel, and how much suffering, adversity and opposition we must overcome to be free to be ourselves and to get enough dinner.

We are five; our club is select, sophisticated and very exacting. Lottie is the queen, and most of us are happy to adore and obey her.


There is also a dog, but much as we love her, we simply can’t allow her to be classed with us. Her lack of fastidiousness, her bounciness, and her total lack of manners means that she simply doesn’t meet our club’s refined standards of entry.


And then there are the Humans; they are useful to have around, but can get uppity, and need to be kept in their place. They have opposable thumbs, and like to be kept busy, so we allow them to open doors, food containers, milk cartons; they can light fires and type for us, and that’s generally fine.

Other Humans are always welcome to come and visit so long as they understand that we are in charge.


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