Just to prove to my critics that I do actually move, and don’t really spend all my life sleeping, here is photographic evidence of my exercise regime.

DSCF0984 DSCF0985 DSCF0986 DSCF0988 DSCF0989 DSCF0992

See? And now for exercise no. 2:

DSCF0994 DSCF0995 DSCF0996


That’s class over for today.



Don’t like it.

DSCF4307I know it’s only “a little bit to try”. I still hate it.

DSCF4309Not tasting. Not going to eat it. DSCF4308Try and make me.


IMG_4604I hate anything being left on my cushion. I know Millie gets up there when I’m not around. It’s MY cushion, I tell her, so get off, and please don’t leave your horrible toys on it either! I hate that squirrel. IMG_4606Sometimes Millie listens to me.IMG_4607IMG_4608IMG_4609


That’s better. MY cushion, just for ME.

(Rachel: I’m coming for that dreadful hairy cushion in a moment, with a sticky roller, Catkin. Be warned.)