Just a quick look in….

…. to see how you all are. We know it’s been a while since we’ve seen you, but you know how it is, we’re busy.


We have our Neighbourhood Watch duties to carry out.


Indoors as well as out.


We work hard, and we get tired.

See you again soon.



Heated pad. Lottie’s heated pad. Scooter likes it too. He looks as though he is asleep, but she knows he is fully aware of her menacing presence.


If she stares at him hard enough, he will get off it and she will reclaim it as her own.

It may take minutes, half an hour, even.


But it never fails.

Getting better

Thank you for your good wishes; they really helped. I managed a decent breakfast today, but am going to stay on this sofa arm all day again.


Millie keeps trying to snuggle in, but I’m just not in the mood. She looks worried. Rachel tells her that my head is almost better, and just to be patient. But I’m the patient!

Not well


I am miserable today. I got into a fight in the middle of the night, and Rachel saw that I wasn’t happy this morning. She smoothed my fur, which was sticking up where I had been scratched, she felt my head and my chin, and heard a nasty crackly squelchy sound. Just there, on top of my head.


So I had to go to the vet. The bite on my head had let some air in, under my skin. I was poked and prodded; I had an injection, my teeth were examined, and I was weighed. I weigh 3.2 kilograms because I don’t eat very much. Rachel told the vet I had been starved when I was young, and was difficult to feed, but I think Rachel’s judgement is skewed because of Catkin the Huge….

Rachel says I will feel better soon. But I’m still miserable now.

As we were – ages ago

Don’t ask us the date – we are scornful of such matters. But Jane has a new game, posting a photo of ourselves a while ago, with a story. Snow NY Day_2Here we are – well, some of us. Catkin wasn’t here at the time. The story is that we were super-gorgeous then as well as now, and, as we remember, were given more dinners every day because we were “still growing”. What an idiotic idea! We need more dinners every day, so that we can continue to grow, getting bigger and lovelier each day. Except for Catkin, who is big enough already…..

Rachel: taken about 4 years ago, in our old house, where there were lots of stairs, perfect for youngsters to rampage freely.