Inspector of Works

The neighbours are having their roof repaired. IMG_8094You know my attention to detail: my duty was clear. IMG_8094 - Version 2I went up to inspect the work; I signed it off IMG_8095and came down again. IMG_8096Carefully.


As we were – ages ago

Don’t ask us the date – we are scornful of such matters. But Jane has a new game, posting a photo of ourselves a while ago, with a story. Snow NY Day_2Here we are – well, some of us. Catkin wasn’t here at the time. The story is that we were super-gorgeous then as well as now, and, as we remember, were given more dinners every day because we were “still growing”. What an idiotic idea! We need more dinners every day, so that we can continue to grow, getting bigger and lovelier each day. Except for Catkin, who is big enough already…..

Rachel: taken about 4 years ago, in our old house, where there were lots of stairs, perfect for youngsters to rampage freely.


In this household, it’s variable.


Some Christmas gifts were more warmly received fallen in love with than others. Flossie and her new bear cannot be parted (except at dinnertime….) but we all know that Flossie is soppy and easily impressed by soft toys.

But we cats – ah, we have much more discriminating taste.


We weren’t impressed by a silly squirrel thing stuffed with catnip, oh no.IMG_4302

Not at all.

We hope Santa Claws judged your gifts better than ours.

Special guest



Rachel: A visitor is coming to see you next month.

Me: Yeah.

Rachel: Your Auntie Anne from Glasgow.

Me: Yeah. She’s nice.

Rachel: She likes to share her prawns with you.


Me: PRAWNS???? She shares prawns?????

When does she arrive?









It’s my birthday today.

I am four years old. 

I have been promised treats. 

Cream, I hope. I love dairy products!

I wish I had this cat’s life!

Oh, here’s my treat. Perhaps this life is fine as it is. 

Happy Birthday to me.