Heated pad. Lottie’s heated pad. Scooter likes it too. He looks as though he is asleep, but she knows he is fully aware of her menacing presence.


If she stares at him hard enough, he will get off it and she will reclaim it as her own.

It may take minutes, half an hour, even.


But it never fails.


A rather indistinct iPad photo of a little cat helping herself to the flower water.


She may be six now, but she’s still the naughtiest kitten ever.

Note: There are clean water bowls available to the cats and the dog; Millie just likes a challenge.

Anniversary dinner


It was five years ago today that I came to live with Rachel and her family, after being captured in the Wild Wood. I didn’t like it much at first, and she called me Scooter because I would scoot under the furniture if anyone came near me. But she soon found out that I loved dinner. Rachel gives me two dinners a day, and I let her pick me up while I purr loudly. She says tonight’s dinner will be special. Can’t wait!DSCF2475 - Version 2

I also love sleeping, and can assert myself when I want a new bed.

DSCF4417 IMG_8078 IMG_8084

But most of all, I love dinner.DSCF4133

Rachel says it shows.

Isn’t it dinnertime yet?